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Tennessee Text Wrestling
an East Tennessee gal's thoughts on being a novelist, a reader, a pianist, a cat wrangler, a biker chick, and an armchair science nerd, among many other things

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21 Adventures in the SF Trade
0 537
My life as a science fiction writer - with links and advice for other aspiring authors.
22 Jack King: Making of a novelist
0 1100

a study project on the effects of the outside world on the creation of a fictional story
23 Sharon Maas: On a Dark and Stormy Night
0 1062
An author's journey into publication: finding an agent, a major publisher, five figure advances, foreign deals, sales. Then - disaster, and the slow climb back into the book biz.
24 Condalmo
0 1012
99% books. Recent authors covered include Murakami, Auster, Dixon, Evenson, Hunt.
25 mypajama.com
0 549
My site explores themes and motifs related to storybook heroes, folklore, fantasy and mythology. It also has its own off-topic moments.
26 Tennessee Text Wrestling
0 434
an East Tennessee gal's thoughts on being a novelist, a reader, a pianist, a cat wrangler, a biker chick, and an armchair science nerd, among many other things
27 John Baker's Blog
0 1085

UK based novelist blogging about books and films, the writing process, literary and social comment, quotations, theatre, music and other startling phenomena.
28 Southern Expressions
0 731
Random thoughts from an amateur southern writer about life, writing and anything else that tickles her fancy.
29 Benjamin Solah: Writer and Revolutionary
0 1135
Blog of Marxist horror writer, Benjamin Solah. Writes about the horrors of capitalism and class society, both in reality and in his fiction.
30 Resources for Emotional Well Being
0 522
Articles and information by Author & Psychologist Talia Mana covering topics such as depression, anxiety, stress management, weight loss, goal setting and self improvement.
31 Writer's Blog: Blog of Author Jennifer Ashley
0 665
Musings of a bestselling author on the publishing business, how to get published, career building, and life as a writer.
32 the bloody blog
0 807
Another bloody crime writer.
33 Rambles Of A Chocoholic Writer
0 560
I do more than just ramble ... occasionally.
34 One Cranky Journal
0 404

They say being cranky is old, but for a cranky Filipina girl like me... I am beyond cranky. I am beyond smart. My blog is almost divine with rants and praises. I am extreme and unafraid to express mys
35 A View From the Waterfront
0 666
Information of interest in boating safety, harbor management, rural development and unique aspects of Alaskan life. Links to writers, blogs and thoughtful sites.
36 Writing, Coffee, and Other Obsessions
0 427

How being a writer landed me in Siberia. Plus tips, info, and links for writers.
37 The Almost Daily Voice of Speculative Romance Onli
0 408
News for authors and fans of speculative romance.
38 Writing Fiction
0 1337
Discussion of the writing and selling of novels and short stories.
39 1040-A: The Short Form
0 711
chronicling works and ideas in progress, specializing in the metaphysics of nonsense, absurdist futurism, contemporary satire, aphorisms, magical realism and character sketches
40 A Blister to My Eye
0 978
Chronicles progress on my current novel and muses about writing and my past novels.

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