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The musings, ranting, mutterings and jibberings of Alex Scarrow, thriller writer, and self-proclaimed idiot.

Rank Site In Out
1 The Skwib
0 2131
The Skwib -- Mark A. Rayner's irregular and explosive weblog, a daily sputtering of satire, comedy, and odd, odd fiction.
2 Debi Alper
0 3100
Weblog of Debi Alper, author of contemporary thrillers.
3 Writing Aspirations
0 2079
A blog for writers and readers!
4 Hmmmmmmmmmmm....
0 1370
The musings, ranting, mutterings and jibberings of Alex Scarrow, thriller writer, and self-proclaimed idiot.
5 The Temp, The Actress and The Writer
0 1823
Designed to pass time temping while waiting for her break as an actor, this blog took a turn when its author, Adrienne Kress, found herself on the road towards publishing her first novel.
6 Ink in My Coffee
0 1374
A witty and candid blog on the ups and downs of a freelance writer's life.
7 Condalmo
0 1018
99% books. Recent authors covered include Murakami, Auster, Dixon, Evenson, Hunt.
8 Journey of an Inquiring Mind
0 1391
Books. Acting. Writing. Welcome to my world.
9 West of Mars -- the blog
0 1351
A happening companion to my westofmars.com site, in which I blog about books I've read and loved, talk about books in general, and provide fiction that supports my debut novel, Trevor's Song.
10 Writing Passions
0 1050
My site talks about my love and passion for creative writing and the challenges of re-entering publication or staging my play, after a long hiatus. It also talks about other writers who have influenc
11 Diary of a Killer
0 1227

An ex-killer looking for justice and revenge. Read Madison's blog.
12 Author Jeremy James. Dark Fantasy & Thrillers.
0 886
A blog by the grandiose, naive, and delusional writer of dark fantasy and thrillers, Jeremy James -- about the craft, process, and business of writing genre fiction.
13 failed painter
0 1286
I am a practising visual artist and unpublished author. I publish extracts of my writing and samples of my artwork.
14 Sara Freeze, Aspiring Romance Author
0 1127
This is the blog of aspiring romance author Sara Freeze. It includes links to blogs for writing organizations and blogs by authors.
15 Fiction Scribe
0 612
Fiction Scribe is a creative writing site filled with writing advice, links to other writing sites including reviews of those sites, writing exercises, and other related categories.
16 Me, Myself & The Manuscript
0 966
Me trying to get The Manuscript published (and blogging the way there).
17 Tomorrowville
0 1054
David Isaak's blog about his forthcoming novel SMITE THE WATERS, plus writing, reading, publishing, joining the Macmillan New Writing family, and whatever else comes to mind
18 View From the Pundy House
0 1039
A writer peers myopically into the blogosphere and doesn't always like what he sees
19 A Blister to My Eye
0 989
Chronicles progress on my current novel and muses about writing and my past novels.
20 One Cranky Journal
0 412

They say being cranky is old, but for a cranky Filipina girl like me... I am beyond cranky. I am beyond smart. My blog is almost divine with rants and praises. I am extreme and unafraid to express mys

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