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Site Of the Moment:
A Blister to My Eye
Chronicles progress on my current novel and muses about writing and my past novels.

Rank Site In Out
1 Wingtips
16 739
A poet who can't stop writing and in between, she goes shooting or create her own images.
2 Debi Alper
12 2971
Weblog of Debi Alper, author of contemporary thrillers.
3 A Blister to My Eye
11 980
Chronicles progress on my current novel and muses about writing and my past novels.
4 Tomorrowville
9 1049
David Isaak's blog about his forthcoming novel SMITE THE WATERS, plus writing, reading, publishing, joining the Macmillan New Writing family, and whatever else comes to mind
5 the bloody blog
8 814
Another bloody crime writer.
6 West of Mars -- the blog
7 1341
A happening companion to my westofmars.com site, in which I blog about books I've read and loved, talk about books in general, and provide fiction that supports my debut novel, Trevor's Song.
7 John Baker's Blog
2 1087

UK based novelist blogging about books and films, the writing process, literary and social comment, quotations, theatre, music and other startling phenomena.
8 Writing Aspirations
0 2059
A blog for writers and readers!
9 Samantha Graves & CJ Barry Blog
0 612
Welcome to the blog worlds of my dual identities, Samantha Graves (contemporary romantic suspense) and C.J. Barry (futuristic romance).
10 The Skwib
0 2109
The Skwib -- Mark A. Rayner's irregular and explosive weblog, a daily sputtering of satire, comedy, and odd, odd fiction.
11 Hmmmmmmmmmmm....
0 1361
The musings, ranting, mutterings and jibberings of Alex Scarrow, thriller writer, and self-proclaimed idiot.
12 Writing Passions
0 1042
My site talks about my love and passion for creative writing and the challenges of re-entering publication or staging my play, after a long hiatus. It also talks about other writers who have influenc
13 Diary of a Killer
0 1221

An ex-killer looking for justice and revenge. Read Madison's blog.
14 Author Jeremy James. Dark Fantasy & Thrillers.
0 878
A blog by the grandiose, naive, and delusional writer of dark fantasy and thrillers, Jeremy James -- about the craft, process, and business of writing genre fiction.
15 failed painter
0 1283
I am a practising visual artist and unpublished author. I publish extracts of my writing and samples of my artwork.
16 Sara Freeze, Aspiring Romance Author
0 1121
This is the blog of aspiring romance author Sara Freeze. It includes links to blogs for writing organizations and blogs by authors.
17 Fiction Scribe
0 608
Fiction Scribe is a creative writing site filled with writing advice, links to other writing sites including reviews of those sites, writing exercises, and other related categories.
18 Me, Myself & The Manuscript
0 957
Me trying to get The Manuscript published (and blogging the way there).
19 The Temp, The Actress and The Writer
0 1814
Designed to pass time temping while waiting for her break as an actor, this blog took a turn when its author, Adrienne Kress, found herself on the road towards publishing her first novel.
20 Sandra Scoppettone's Writing Thoughts
0 837
As a published crime writer I've decided to post my thoughts on writing and not writing. Notes on what it's like to be a professional writer, the good and bad days, experiences, and leads to things

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