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Site Of the Moment:
Adventures in the SF Trade
My life as a science fiction writer - with links and advice for other aspiring authors.

Rank Site In Out
41 Ink in My Coffee
0 1359
A witty and candid blog on the ups and downs of a freelance writer's life.
42 Writing the Winnower
0 654

The blog of an unpublished teen fantasy writer in his quest to publish a trilogy.
43 Condalmo
0 1012
99% books. Recent authors covered include Murakami, Auster, Dixon, Evenson, Hunt.
44 1040-A: The Short Form
0 712
chronicling works and ideas in progress, specializing in the metaphysics of nonsense, absurdist futurism, contemporary satire, aphorisms, magical realism and character sketches
45 Mad, Mad world
0 1022
Reflections on humanity, random news & my life -- and my writing
46 All Writing Ideas Blog
0 643
Free creative writing prompts and idea generators for authors and artists in general. Weekly updates.
47 Killing Time
0 660
The blog of UK-based playwright and former theatre critic Dave Windass. Thoughts on new projects, work in progress and the minutiae of his own dull existence.
48 a reader's words
0 659
Mainly book reviews, specially from Latin America and India, political and social commentary
49 Journey of an Inquiring Mind
0 1385
Books. Acting. Writing. Welcome to my world.
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